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Minor Box Release FAQs

1. My association doesn’t have an "A" team and my daughter/son wants to play on an "A" team. Can I request a release for that? 

You can request a release from your home association, but can expect the request to be denied. Releases are not allowed for caliber of play.  Any player found participating in any lacrosse-related activities with a team they are not officially registered with will have his/her release request automatically denied. Should this occur during the season of play, and if the coach knowingly plays the player, the coach will be suspended indefinitely and referred to the BCLCG for further disciplinary action. 

(Please see the BCLA Operating Policy for clarification)

2.  My association has no team available in my child's age group, or my daughter wants to play in the Female League.  Can I request a release? 

Yes.  The player may play for another association with written release from his/her home association and written approval by their local Commission for the current playing season only. (This release is not counted as a grandfathering year.) The player will be placed where the local Commission feels it would be in the best interest of the League and then the player. 

3. Who decides where my daughter/son will play?

This decision is made by the local commission where you have registered (Island, Interior, North or Lower Mainland)

4. How is this decision made?

There are a number of criteria that are taken into consideration when a player has requested a release. The main ones are – which association needs players (not going to send players to a team that is already full or near full), where the released player lives in relation to which association needs players (try not to send a player from Mission to play in Richmond), past releases (when possible, will try to get a player back to the same team they were released to the previous year. Not always possible). If there are multiple releases from the same association, best efforts are made to send two + players to the new association (for carpooling).   

5. When will I be notified?

Regardless of when your association sent in your release request to the appropriate commission, it is unlikely you will get any information on where your daughter/son has been released to until a week after the March declaration meeting (this is where all association presidents commit to the number of teams they will have in every division). This takes place the 2nd Tuesday in March, so unlikely to hear until the 3rd week of March. Each commission operates slightly differently, so check with your commission chair.

6. If my association registration page says they have a wait list, what should I do?

You should register with your home association as early as you can. When you see this, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t have a spot for your daughter/son. They are usually waiting for enough additional registrations to make another team. If they don’t end up having a team, you can request a release from your home association to play elsewhere.

7. Can I request a specific association to be released to?

This option is not on the release form. The commissions will follow their general guidelines (see 4 above) and strive to have your daughter/son playing as close to your home association as there is space available. 

8. Can I practice with the home association until I am released?

You can practice with the home association if you wish. You can’t practice with any other association team until you have been properly released to another association.

9. Can I turn a release down? 

You can but the commission will not re-release you.  If you wish to return to your home association, you can but that will depend on their circumstances.   


Does your player meet all of these guidelines?  Then please fill out a BCLA Player Release Request Form, and submit to the OMLA President for consideration by the Commissioner.